Who Is Charlie Van Hecke?

Charlie Van Hecke writes, speaks, and teaches about attitude, optimism, positivity, and passion to help his audience overcome obstacles, build resiliency, and succeed. Through his books, Target 10 to Win! and The Art of the Q, Charlie loves to share his research and experience. He wrote these books to help business people improve not only their performance at work, but also their enjoyment of life. Charlie believes that the key attitude secrets of top sales performers can also be used by other professionals, parents, and motivated people from all walks of life.

What Is The Attitude Thermostat?

The Attitude Thermostat is a new tool Charlie has developed and refined through research and focus groups. This tool helps participants harness their “Inner Q” to gain momentum toward achieving their goals, ambitions, and dreams.

What Can Charlie Do for You?

Reaping the benefits of Charlie’s experience and analysis, you can

  • Learn the skills of the super communicators!
  • Find out how both Inner and Outer questions can improve your performance…
  • Discover how to avoid common communication mistakes…
  • Build better relationships to be even more successful than you are now!


What are people saying?

A colleague on Linkedin.com writes…..
“From early on, I saw a ‘star’ in Charlie’s talent for self-motivation and inspiring others including myself to reach for success.”

One of Charlie’s protégés describes what happens when you learn with Charlie…
“Charlie Van Hecke is that rare individual that gets you to think and inspires you to act.” 

Review on Amazon.com explores the relevance of Charlie’s books to life outside the office…
I found while reading that the skills and questions he explains can be used in everyday life and not just in a business setting.” 

A Customer review on Gig Salad highlights Charlie’s commitment to his students and clients…
Thank you Charlie for your efforts and dedication to our success!”