Target10toWin! is the answer for Business leaders who want results NOW! This system of best practices and success habits helps CEO’s, sales managers and sales representatives:

  • Increase Opportunities in Forecast
  • Penetrate New Markets
  • Boost Morale
  • Obtain Faster Results
  • Improve Field Level Coaching
  • Reduce the Cost of sales
  • Track Sales Activities
  • Launch New Products Effectively

t10toWinClockMoneyEffort ÷ Time Spent on Task = Return

Target10toWin! shows you how to Optimize efforts, Decrease time spent on task and ultimately how to Maximize return. You’ll focus on creating and applying daily personal marketing strategies as well as developing persuasive sales techniques and messaging for buyers.

With Target 10 to Win! You Will Learn How To:

  • Secure more face-to-face meetings
  • Increase revenue and profitability
  • Leverage technology using Real Time strategies/methods/skills for Smart Phone
  • Develop high impact verbiage for phone calls and emails/Increase sales through The Persuasion Equation
  • Examine the power of Olympic style execution/Eliminate bad habits with the “Approach Coach”


Kt10toWinPeopleey areas of focus include:

Organization, Time Management, Telesales, Cracking Competitive Accounts, Overcoming Sales Objections, Networking and Gaining Referrals


Target10toWin! is a weekly program that only takes one hour a day!

The Target10toWin! kit includes:

  • Online learning for distributed learning
  • Modules for Webinars
  • Coaching Kits for Sales Managers


For more information on Target10toWin!, to order kits, or to schedule a seminar/webinar contact Charlie Van Hecke.


Check out some of Charlie’s blog posts on this topic!

Networking and Referral Generation

All businesses need leads!  How can you get new leads for your business? Two strategies to consider are networking and referral generation. The late Zig Ziglar said…                                                                                                                                                 “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want!”  Networking will save you time and will build your business. But the first rule of networking is to help the other person first. Many professionals pass information and share business contacts. Why shouldn’t salespeople refer customers to each other? Attorneys regularly refer potential clients to each other. Doctors refer patients to other physicians.   Networking Develops Reciprocal Relationships Many professionals can also develop reciprocal relationships. Real estate agents know mortgage brokers, home repair experts, and attorneys so they can refer business … Continue reading →

Learn to Cope With Initial Failures

When I was thirteen, my first job was selling newspaper subscriptions. It seemed easier than delivering papers so I signed up. The idea was to knock on doors and sign up people for a newspaper subscription for home delivery. After a week of knocking on doors and not getting one new account, I wanted to quit. It was time to learn how to cope with initial failures! What Happens When We Fail? When we fail we have a basic choice – quit or keep going. The person who helped me in coping with initial failure was M.S. Van Hecke. My father took the time to listen to what I was saying to people. Since he worked at the Charlotte Observer as an editor, Dad had a deep love for journalism. Pop said that my message was wrong. It’s not about home delivery – it’s about the coupons and how a newspaper can help educate families. I said, “Whoa- that wasn’t in the manual.” Coping With Initial Failures We pulled all the coupons out of the Sunday paper and put the best ones on cardboard paper.Then, we cut out articles about current events and glued them to the other side of … Continue reading →

Learning to Sell at the Car Wash

In my teenage years,  a buddy and I decided to work at a car wash. Like most teens, we wanted money for cars and dating. New employees start in the vacuum bay cleaning out cars and washing windows. My friend, we will call him Jason,  did an outstanding job of routing nice cars into his bay and selling products like fragrances and carpet shampoos. My friend was learning to sell waxes and services on the front bay. The front bay is where cars approach the car wash and order services. As you could expect, my competitive nature (and jealousy) kicked in. Learning to Sell From Others After his promotion, this ambitious person was smart enough to copy the senior sales people. Learning to sell meant… Making eye contact with car owners and smiling Expecting objections like, “I wax it myself” Answering Concerns Asking For The Order One day, I decided that I wanted to learn to sell. I heard Jason ask questions like…. Do you travel? Do you wax in the crevices to prevent rust? The questions were quick and accomplished while the order was being taken.  Two qualities that my friend exhibited was his enthusiasm and energy. He was also … Continue reading →

Sales Challenge # 1: Time Management

Selling is a race against the clock. It’s our job to bring the revenue in and hit our time specific targets. The challenge becomes the limited time in each day. Every month we have deadlines, and sales targets. You can reduce stress and increase your income if you will give me one complete* hour a day! Whether you are a salesperson, business owner, sales manager or job seeker – action is required to produce a positive outcome. This requires goal setting, and the defining of expectations. Start every month with new objectives. One goal could be “I want to meet with two decision makers a week” By doing this, you have decided to save time by meeting with qualified buyers! Creating achievable expectations helps you reach goals one at a time This gives an individual a sense of accomplishment while taking steps towards success It is this incremental improvement over time that will create greatness. Your commitment is just one hour a day It involves a blend of high payoff activities that will increase your income!   *Target10toWin! is a weekly program that takes only one hour a day. A collection of success habits has been organized to overcome time … Continue reading →