Are You Asking Consequence Questions?

  Are You Asking Consequence Questions? Consequence questions uncover the causes or root elements of an issue, and can lead to an effective solution. If you just tell someone what the problem is, it is not real to them. But … Continue reading →

Open Questions Encourage Dialogue

If you want to become a conversationalist, then ask open questions to encourage dialogue! This article will make the case that communication skills can help you in both your personal life and in your career. There are examples of how … Continue reading →

Learn to Cope With Initial Failures

When I was thirteen, my first job was selling newspaper subscriptions. It seemed easier than delivering papers so I signed up. The idea was to knock on doors and sign up people for a newspaper subscription for home delivery. After … Continue reading →

Are you rushing the Conversation?

A rushed conversation can result in disaster. We have all run out of patience, dealing with family, friends  and co-workers. We know the phrase I lost my patience” all too well. It normally means we lost our temper. At the very … Continue reading →