Improve Your Competitive Analysis

What Basic Questions Should Competitive Analysis Answer? Business without a competitive analysis is like a bicycle without tires. As a leader, knowing your strengths is where the rubber hits the road! Sales and Marketing will need a comparison to properly … Continue reading →

SNAP Selling review & case study

The audience that will benefit from SNAP Selling includes sales people, sales managers and sales support professionals. The author, Jill Konrath, takes a customer view emphasizing the three decisions that a buyer makes before they buy… Should I allow this … Continue reading →

Keeping Ideas Simple with Tips and Tools

Keeping Ideas Simple By Breaking It Down A friend of mine has an expression… “explain it to me in doggy-pony language”.  She is saying break it down into concepts that any one can understand, even a child.  I have had … Continue reading →

Roller Coaster Effect Creates Ups and Downs

Have you ever experienced the roller coaster effect? The Roller Coaster effect can impact every aspect of your personal life or your career. There are ups and downs in our health, finances – even in our relationships. In business, we … Continue reading →

Book Review of The Challenger Sale

This is a book review of The Challenger Sale written by Dixon and Adamson in 2011. The Challenger Sell evokes reactions and disturbs conventional thinking.  The authors want to encourage organizations, groups and sales people to ‘push the customer’s thinking … Continue reading →