Challenge Negative Self Talk To Improve Your Life

Challenge Negative Self-Talk This goal is this article is to provide tips on how to challenge the stories we tell ourselves.  I have been comparing the work of two experts (Marty Seligman and Tony Robbins) to research this article. While … Continue reading →

The Question is “How Will We Live Today?”

The Question is “How Will We Live Today?” I am walking into a meeting when my phone rings. The number in the display is unfamiliar… It is my son calling from Afghanistan where he is on deployment! As you can … Continue reading →

Adjust Your Attitude Thermostat!

What If We Could Tune Our Attitude? One day I am watching the news on television. Stories about crimes, politics and stock markets make me nervous and slightly worried. By coincidence, it is a chilly morning so I move to … Continue reading →

Frustration Has Consequences

Frustration Has Consequences Enes Kanter is a professional basketball player for Oklahoma City in the National Basketball Association.  According to, He has a four-year, $70 million contract. But on January 26th, 2017, he made a split second decision in … Continue reading →

Are You Passionate About Recycling?            

What does it mean to be passionate? While Passion is a strong feeling or belief, a passionate attitude  takes a broader view that we must do something about our beliefs. A passionate attitude is a new beginning. The outlook that we can … Continue reading →