The Dream House by the Lake

Dream HomeA friend of mine buys a lot next to a lake. It is risky because the septic system for the entire neighborhood is on his lot! Yes, the price of the (stinky) lot is lower, and local authorities confirm that the city will ultimately connect the system to the municipal sewer. My friend begins doubling up on his loan to pay off the property. He also hires an architect.

Once the home plans are complete, he puts them on his refrigerator. As his coffee brews, he imagines parking his car in the garage. When he comes home at night, he dreams of having a drink on the deck overlooking the lake. On weekends, he drives to the property to think about how to properly angle the house to take full advantage of the lot size.

After three years, the city removes the septic system. My friend pays off the lot and uses its value as collateral for his new home. He hires contractors and construction begins. He shops for the best deals on appliances and furniture. Every spare minute of every day and night focuses on the completion of the lake house.

It would have been shocking to me if my friend had not built his house! Why? He always maintained belief, never fear. The house plans on his fridge became a constant reminder to be resilient in the pursuit of the ultimate goal. My friend put all his disposable income, every ounce of energy, and all his spare time until his dream became reality.

Some motivation experts might analyze how my friend succeeded, and say a home provides shelter. Others would say my friend worked so hard because he likes material, extrinsic things. It could also be the intrinsic elements of lakeside living and having a view of the water on sunset evenings. These explanations could all be right. The fact of the matter is that he pictured success and put in the hard work with daily effort.

The Link between Attitude, Motivation and Goal Setting

Visualize Your Outcome!

Visualize Your Outcome!

Recent feedback suggests that people like stimulating situations with practical solutions. First, I’m going to tell you about a friend who built his dream house. This real life story highlights the role of visualization, belief and persistence in goal attainment.

Then we’ll borrow from Peter Drucker’s famous management theory and apply our version, both to losing weight, and then to resolving a business’s cash flow problem. The objective is to apply S.M.A.R.T. goals to personal and professional accomplishment.

Finally, we’ll do a simple exercise that can really open up your own goal-setting process. You may be able to apply the same ideas and techniques to building your own future.

These stories prove that success requires a positive attitude, drive and organization. There are real ‘how to’ steps and skills to help your development. Make sure that you sign up for the blogs so that you get all the content sent directly to your personal email account!