Challenge Negative Self Talk To Improve Your Life

Challenge Negative Self-Talk This goal is this article is to provide tips on how to challenge the stories we tell ourselves.  I have been comparing the work of two experts (Marty Seligman and Tony Robbins) to research this article. While … Continue reading →

The Question is “How Will We Live Today?”

The Question is “How Will We Live Today?” I am walking into a meeting when my phone rings. The number in the display is unfamiliar… It is my son calling from Afghanistan where he is on deployment! As you can … Continue reading →

Improve Your Competitive Analysis

What Basic Questions Should Competitive Analysis Answer? Business without a competitive analysis is like a bicycle without tires. As a leader, knowing your strengths is where the rubber hits the road! Sales and Marketing will need a comparison to properly … Continue reading →

Adjust Your Attitude Thermostat!

What If We Could Tune Our Attitude? One day I am watching the news on television. Stories about crimes, politics and stock markets make me nervous and slightly worried. By coincidence, it is a chilly morning so I move to … Continue reading →

Frustration Has Consequences

Frustration Has Consequences Enes Kanter is a professional basketball player for Oklahoma City in the National Basketball Association.  According to, He has a four-year, $70 million contract. But on January 26th, 2017, he made a split second decision in … Continue reading →

Networking and Referral Generation

All businesses need leads!  How can you get new leads for your business? Two strategies to consider are networking and referral generation. The late Zig Ziglar said…                           … Continue reading →

What are your dreams and aspirations?

What are your Dreams and Aspirations? You may want find a quiet place where you cannot be interrupted for a short, visual mental workout concerning your dreams and aspirations that could change your life! Use a single page of white paper and … Continue reading →