In golf, you are legally allowed 14 clubs. Yet, there is one club in particular that is the most perplexing:

The Putter

Even people who do not really play golf have at least gone to a miniature golf course and used a putter. It seems easy enough. You just put the ball down, aim and stroke the ball. If it is so easy, why can’t we get it in the hole?

Golf professionals Even Struggle with the Putter!

The golf world watched in horror on July 20th, 2015 at the British Open when Adam Scott missed a putt on the 18th hole. The distance of the putt was only one foot? If you don’t believe me – watch it here:


Amateur golfers face the same decisions in putting as professionals

  • How much distance?
  • Is there a break?
  • Is the putt going uphill or downhill?
Judging Putts Is Difficult Sometimes

Uphills Putts? No Problem!


Yes, golf is a challenging game. Specifically, putting is hard because it is three dimensional.

  1. You have to assess how hard to hit the ball. If it is a five foot putt, then you don’t stroke quite as much as you do for say a twenty yard putt.
  2. Oh, then there is the break. Will the little, round and usually white object move to the left or right?
  3. If the green is running downhill, the putt will be faster than if the slope is uphill.

Putt for Dough

Why would a one foot putt count the same as a 250 yard drive? Well, you can’t very well divvy out 1/2 strokes now can you? The old saying is “Drive for show and putt for dough” is another way of saying every stroke counts. Good putting normally means that you win the hole. Usually, there is a small wager on golf and that means green. Not the greens we putt on but the kind you put in your wallet.


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