The Question is “How Will We Live Today?”

I am walking into a meeting when my phone rings. The number in the display is unfamiliar… It is my son calling from Afghanistan where he is on deployment! As you can imagine, I am the worried father. I literally beg him to be careful. The young lieutenant stuns me by asking…

The question is not whether we will die today… the question is how will we live today?

Picture the look on my face when I hear this question! I’m laughing a little, at the time, but inside, an awakening is occurring.  My son reminds me that we have a choice about how we approach life. By asking the right question, he also reduces my angst, worry, and stress.

Our attitude can change using an inner question

A question can change the way we approach life

Can Inner Questions minimize the stress?

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”[1]
– William James

This real life experience from several years ago sparks my research into attitude, initial reactions and the role of inner questions in optimism. The journey involves focus groups, interviews, reading and deep research. A professor (Dr. Julie Johnson at Western Carolina) is kind enough to invite me to be a guest lecturer. Dr Johnson suggests that I read the book “Learned Optimism” by Marty Seligman. After taking the test that comes with the book, I read “Learned Optimism” three times. I begin comparing the work of Seligman to Tony Robbins. I also design the Attitude Thermostat and go through various versions and prototypes.The articles and findings that I share on this blog are the result of over two years of post graduate work. The discoveries surpass insights from my Master’s Degree experience at Georgia State University in Human Resource Development.

What Can You Expect?

This blog site will share articles, insights and findings that I believe readers will find increases their happiness and effectiveness in life. Yes – we can choose one thought over another and the way to do that is with questions. The question that kicked it all off is the one that started it all – How will we live today? It leads the to second question: Who will we serve? I believe we should all ask these two questions every single day. I have more inner questions to share with you. Stay tuned!



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