What If We Could Tune Our Attitude?

One day I am watching the news on television. Stories about crimes, politics and stock markets make me nervous and slightly worried. By coincidence, it is a chilly morning so I move to adjust the thermostat. An idea comes to mind! What if I could tune my attitude the same way I change the temperature? Could I instantly return to a sunny disposition?

Adjusting our attitude with Inner Questions

The Attitude Thermostat

The Attitude Thermostat

Imagine a dial, similar to your heating and cooling thermostat. On this dial are six attitudes, and a disk you can turn to alter your outlook. The Attitude Thermostat is a tool that will help you move from negative reactions to positive outcomes using inner questions and effort. In this exploration of viewpoints, effort, and awareness, there are also tips on how to overcome setbacks.  The Attitude Thermostat is a visual reminder that will help you sustain a positive mental conditioning process. We will share ways to become more passionate in your approach to issues, challenges and obstacles. The real power will be inner questions to help you set, reach and exceed your goals!

Key Questions

What if YOU could adjust YOUR attitude on command?

Is it possible that there are areas of our life where you can try harder?

There may be areas of your life where you are very passionate and optimistic. However, there may be situations that cause discouragement and angst. The goal of this blog will be to help you harness applied optimism that is realistic, and practical.  My method will be to share true stories, examples and case studies about people who overcome adversity. Please add to the discussion with comments and questions of your own! Be sure to sign up for the blog so you get these stories sent directly to your personal email account.


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