Frustration Has Consequences

Enes Kanter is a professional basketball player for Oklahoma City in the National Basketball Association.  According to, He has a four-year, $70 million contract. But on January 26th, 2017, he made a split second decision in frustration. reports that Kanter, Oklahoma City’s third-leading scorer and top candidate for the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year Award, fractured his right forearm while punching a chair during a timeout in the second quarter. What are the consequences of his impulsive reaction?

League sources told ESPN’s Royce Young on Thursday that he could miss up to two months. This will cost his team wins and Mr. Kanter will have to sit on the bench wishing he had better control over his emotions and ultimately, his behavior.

Would you like to watch him self sabotage?

Everyone Experiences Frustration

This could happen to any of us, right? First, we make a mistake or something happens. Then, we respond passionately. However,there are usually costs to our tantrums. This could happen at the office, at home or on the golf course right? If we get frustrated at a co-worker – we could punch the water cooler. We might come home from work and smash the television set. Perhaps you hit a bad shot off the first tee and break your driver over your knee.

Impulsive Anger Has Costs

For regular people, losing control has massive negative outcomes. If we punch the water cooler, we get written up and sent to human resources. If we break the T.V., we scare the spouse and our children. Plus, we have to buy a new television!  If you are a bad sport on the golf course, you will lose friends and be dropped from your foursome.

Grow Up!

Kanter needs to mature and get a grip on his thoughtless actions. If he can learn to channel his frustration into development, he might move from sixth man to starter.  He should have to pay back some of his salary and get some counseling.



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