What are your Dreams and Aspirations?

You may want find a quiet place where you cannot be interrupted for a short, visual mental workout concerning your dreams and aspirations that could change your life! Use a single page of white paper and a pencil. Turn the blank piece of paper horizontally (landscape). Draw a single line across the page that represents the your life. At the beginning of the line, chart some past milestones. Here is an example…

achievements, dreams and aspirations

Example from http://www.mycareerplan.net/career/ch2-a.htm

Create Milestones

What is a milestone? In years past, people put rocks along the road as a marker for a certain place. Now, a milestone represents a stage or phase in achievement. The point of a milestone in this exercise is to start by looking back at past accomplishments. Then, pick out some future ambitions like they have already occurred! This simple act will make reaching your dreams possible in your mind! The point of this exercise is to get your aspirations out of your head and onto a piece of paper!

Dare to Dream

Not as easy as it used to be? Go ahead, dare to dream. Reach for new possibilities. If you could let a genie out of the bottle and get three wishes, what would they be? Could even one of those wishes go on your Lifeline? Here are some possible FUTURE milestones…

  • Is there a dream vacation on the horizon?
  • Is there a charity you can start?
  • Would you like to change careers ? (the web site below has a great career lifeline example)


Put Your Lifeline in a Visible Location

Keep your Lifeline and put it on display. Can you describe your aspirations? Can you see yourself actually doing some of the items on your Lifeline? Does it seem silly or impossible? Is it scary? Good! It means you are making progress! Are you willing to share your ambitions with others? Is there someone who you admire who could mentor you?

Taking the First Step

What is the first step towards progress? Could the initial move be to map out your future milestones before they occur? The philosopher Lao Tzu once said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” I would like to suggest that your first step is to find someone who has done what you want to do! If you want to go to Europe, ask someone who has just made the journey. You will feed off their excitement and learn from their experience. If you want to change jobs, ask a person who has just made a career move. Want to go on a cruise? You get the picture. Good luck! 


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