Are you a writer? If so, then you know that there are times when the ideas dry up, and the writing stops. The good news is that A.M. Carley, the author of FLOAT, challenges her audience with ideas, tools, and methods. This review will provide a quick summary of the contents, with reactions to FLOAT.

The three benefits that stand out are…

  • Usefulness
  • Inspiration
  • Unintended Outcomes


FLOAT is useful because there are practical tips and reality checks. For example, Carley outlines ways to deal with deadlines, negative people, and motivation. The very title itself is an acronym for Focus, Listen, Open, Analyze and Tool. In application, the process does produce mental stimulation and emotional encouragement.

FLOAT is inspirational. There is one segment about when a project becomes boring. Carley suggests that this state of mind is actually a message about your writing. In the vignette ‘When pushing through fails’ Carley even visits the topic of retreating from certain writing situations. In a counter intuitive way, this helps a writer become objective in the assessment of projects.

Reading the work of Carley also has unintended outcomes. When I read ‘But Does It Pay?’ it helped me deal with relatives who ask “sold a million books yet?” (This hit home because a relative just told me someone would appreciate my writing after my death!). {Also, I notice that my reading dramatically increases during the reading of FLOAT}.

In Conclusion, FLOAT is a very fast read with practical insights and helpful tools. I would highly suggest FLOAT to any aspiring writer who wants to produce high quality content.



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