The audience that will benefit from SNAP Selling includes sales people, sales managers and sales support professionals. The author, Jill Konrath, takes a customer view emphasizing the three decisions that a buyer makes before they buy…

  1. Should I allow this sales person access?
  2. Why Initiate Change?
  3. What Resources? (Why spend money?)


The book is organized by these three buyer decisions.  This review will present you with two real life situations and an application of SNAP selling between July 2014 and December 1, 2014. My promise to you is that I validate sales methods before sharing with my audience.

SNAP Selling Situation One – The Busy Buyer

The first time I read about ‘the frazzled buyer’ it is the night before a meeting with a new account.  The next morning, I meet with a Manager who is extremely busy.   I get right to the point and We discuss “saving time and managing resources”. My style that day is ‘to the point’ and focused on her world. Leaving the account, I smile and make a mental decision to commit to full study of SNAP selling.

SNAP Selling Situation Two – Opportunities are not closing fast enough!

It is early in the fall of 2014, and my opportunities are clogged like the highways of a big city in drive time traffic! While reading SNAP selling, sales pick up. This view should not shock us because it is the sub-title of Jill’s Book is ‘Speed-Up Sales and Win More Business’.  I adapt to Jill’s suggestion to take my customer’s view.  Jill says to focus “on your customer’s most important challenges.”

White Boarding

I started looking in ‘the white spaces’ [1] p 157 and “closing the gap” with white boarding. [2]P172. The White Spaces are the parts of a company that are not on the organizational chart. By finding areas that the buyer is not aware of, the entire conversation changes. We can suggest change because we are working on their priorities. Now, with diagramming, we can challenge the status quo.

SNAP selling tool

Draw to Make Your Point !


One critique is that the author inserts probing questions very late into SNAP Selling (page 226). The author does point out when and where to use the questions; the very placement of the material could lead a sales person to believe that qualification is not a priority.

Can SNAP selling help you? Will you invest your hard earned dollars and time? Ask yourself… Should buyers allow you access? Why? Should your buyers initiate change? Why? I cannot answer these questions for you.   What I can tell you is that SNAP Selling will help you get a better understanding of your buyer’s business issues and probably speed up closure of the opportunities in your pipeline. The ISBN # is 978-1-59184-470-9. As you read it, I’d love to connect with you on or at facebook/

Charlie Van Hecke

[1] SNAP Selling. Jill Konrath. Penguin. 2010

[2] SNAP Selling. Jill Konrath, Penguin. 2010



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