What does it mean to be passionate?

While Passion is a strong feeling or belief, a passionate attitude  takes a broader view that we must do something about our beliefs. A passionate attitude is a new beginning. The outlook that we can change the world, one small step at a time! Tony Robbins once said  “Passion is the Genesis of Genius[1]

Are You Passionate About Recycling?

My brother believes strongly in recycling. You could say he has a passionate attitude about it. One day, at a family reunion, he gathered up all the plastic bottles. As people watched, he quietly took the bottles to a recycling center. When he returned, someone asked and he had statistics ready to share. My brother told us how long it takes aplastic bottle breaks down, and how easily it can be recycled. Soon, he had converts, and now almost everyone inthe family recycles.

Are You Passionate About Recycling?

Recycle your plastic bottles!

Leadership By Example

Can you see the genius in what my brother did? It is leadership by example and it starts by saying, “I believe in…” and, “My view is …” His research before the fact had put him in the perfect position to elicit change. Prior to his witness, he discovered the nearby recycling center. He memorized the facts he needed. He waited until he had a captive audience, and made his move. His passion became the genesis of genius – creating real and lasting change.

What do you believe in and what are you willing to do about it?

Are you passionate about recycling? Find a local recycling center  where you  can take your plastic bottles? Buy a refillable bottle to reduce your plastic consumption? You can help the planet and save money on bottled water. Leadby example and watch others emulate your bold moves!

For some facts about recycling, visit…


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