In my teenage years,  a buddy and I decided to work at a car wash. Like most teens, we wanted money for cars and dating. New employees start in the vacuum bay cleaning out cars and washing windows. My friend, we will call him Jason,  did an outstanding job of routing nice cars into his bay and selling products like fragrances and carpet shampoos. My friend was learning to sell waxes and services on the front bay. The front bay is where cars approach the car wash and order services. As you could expect, my competitive nature (and jealousy) kicked in.

Learning to Sell From Others

learning to sell

Excerpt from Target 10 to Win! ISBN 978-0-578-08283-7

After his promotion, this ambitious person was smart enough to copy the senior sales people. Learning to sell meant…

Making eye contact with car owners and smiling

Expecting objections like, “I wax it myself”

Answering Concerns

Asking For The Order

One day, I decided that I wanted to learn to sell. I heard Jason ask questions like….

Do you travel?

Do you wax in the crevices to prevent rust?

The questions were quick and accomplished while the order was being taken.  Two qualities that my friend exhibited was his enthusiasm and energy. He was also very focused, determined and persuasive.

Since there were no openings at this location – I jumped to a competing car wash. Quickly working my way into sales, my percentage of waxes to cars led the company at 33% for 30 weeks in a row! This set a company record and put me in line for a promotion. While it was hard work, the truth is that I emulated a natural salesperson to improve and get results.

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P.S, This experience lead me to Western Carolina University – the only college in NC to offer sales programs as part of it’s business school.



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