It would be tempting to view EntreLeadership as Financial Peace for business and management. But the views, wisdom and advice are much broader and can be applied in many roles. Yes, Dave gets into taxes, budgeting and how to “act your wage.” He also shares insights on handling people, growth and leadership.

Goals Convert Vision Into Energy

One of the quotes that I put up on my wall is “Goals convert vision into energy.” This is a reminder to keep dreaming but back that up with written goals and to do lists. It is the follow through that helps manifest our dreams into reality. It is the daily grind of small, necessary tasks that often sink the visionary. Reaching small, affordable goals ultimately leads to outcomes. Dave points out that not all ventures make it and not to quit your day job until your ‘dream job’ starts generating significant income.

Does Your Group Have Enemies?

One of my favorites parts of the book are “The Five enemies of Unity.” Dave Ramsey identifies negativity as an enemy. For example he states “keep gossip out of your organization.” He wants his team to have a shared purpose and to work as a team in a positive environment. There are common sense tactics that are based on proven principles like communication and recognition.

Do You Micromanage?

EntreLeadership will be a reference after being read, digested and applied. A Manager I know was recently accused of being a micromanager. I read this Manager the section where Dave points out “you are right to micromanage until they don’t drop the ball.” Dave identifies competency and trust as the keys to delegating. My rating on this book is 5 stars. Dave Ramsey inspires with practical steps to help you in business and life.

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