A rushed conversation can result in disaster. We have all run out of patience, dealing with family, friends  and co-workers. We know the phrase I lost my patience” all too well. It normally means we lost our temper. At the very least, we may get irritated emotionally manifesting as outward hostility. What happens if the people around you get tired of being treated that way? 

What Happens Without Patience?

The consequences can be  conflict, hostility and hurt feelings. Problems get worse, families break up and people lose jobs. One symptom of impatience is speeding, or rushing, a conversation. Are you rushing the conversation?

Why Do People Rush Conversations?

As people become busier, they want the message quickly. It is natural for a task-oriented personality to want other people to get to the point. But be aware that relationship-oriented people may interpret these signals as a lack of patience. What signals, you ask? Frowning, tapping a pencil, continuing to work on a project without making eye contact…those ‘body language’ types of signals usually coveys to other  people feel you are rushing the conversation.  It is very difficult to build rapport when you are rushing the conversation!

If You Ask, Give Time for the Answer!

If you ask a question, give the person enough time to answer the question. This sounds easy, but if the answer is long or complicated, it can be extremely difficult to wait until the very end. It may be necessary to paraphrase: to repeat to seek clarification. Or put a finger over your lips and press hard. It’s a physical  reminder not to speak. Rushing a conversation is really just a sign of impatience. It can have minor or major consequences and if not worth the risk. If you are task oriented, be aware of the feelings of others.

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