Time is Money

Time is Money

Selling is a race against the clock. It’s our job to bring the revenue in and hit our time specific targets. The challenge becomes the limited time in each day. Every month we have deadlines, and sales targets. You can reduce stress and increase your income if you will give me one complete* hour a day!

Whether you are a salesperson, business owner, sales manager or job seeker – action is required to produce a positive outcome. This requires goal setting, and the defining of expectations. Start every month with new objectives. One goal could be “I want to meet with two decision makers a week” By doing this, you have decided to save time by meeting with qualified buyers!

  • Creating achievable expectations helps you reach goals one at a time
  • This gives an individual a sense of accomplishment while taking steps towards success
  • It is this incremental improvement over time that will create greatness.
    • Your commitment is just one hour a day
  • It involves a blend of high payoff activities that will increase your income!


*Target10toWin! is a weekly program that takes only one hour a day. A collection of success habits has been organized to overcome time constraints with easy to execute activities. A weekly personal marketing campaign communicates persuasive messages to buyers. This starts a success cycle creating more meetings with decision makers.



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