Charlie Van Hecke’s new book makes the case that we are all in sales!


The Art of the Q

This fast-paced business book begins with basic questioning skills to help readers connect, engage, and understand their customers. The author provides case studies from 17 different industries, with examples, samples, and actual interactive scripts to improve business relationships.

The Art of the Q shows how sales professionals can question, tactfully challenge, and then listen, to confirm the needs and wants of their customers. Learn More!

Charlie Van Hecke

Through these effective and affordable educational courses, students learn how to develop championship-level success habits to increase their revenue and profitability. SalesTrainer4U sales training courses are presented in easy to learn modules that can be adopted into the selling lifestyle of sales force teams within any company. The sales force training systems, methods, and tools can be used at the individual, group and organizational level.

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One hour a day
is all you need to get new business and increase your earning power in 30 days!

30 Day Challenge

Whether you are a sales person, business owner, sales manager or job seeker – action is required to produce a positive outcome. Charlie Van Hecke’s previous book, Target 10 to Win! is an instructional guide for getting new business with a focused method for increasing sales through a ten-minute daily practice.

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Keynote Address

Finding Inner Q:
How Questions Help Us Become More Positive, Optimistic and Passionate!

In this exploration of six dominant attitudes, Charlie addresses overcoming setbacks and adversity by developing habits of persistence and resiliency. The one hour, engaging speech highlights The Attitude Thermostat, a visual tool for sustaining a positive attitude by combining key inner questions with useful tools to help people set, reach and exceed their goals. Your audience will leave with transformational ideas and skills that will help them succeed at home, work and in life! There is only one question now… when do you want Charlie to come and speak?

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